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About This Webinar
Our world just got changed up, and like it or not, it’s time to talk about change in the how and where we do business. Get a coffee, put your brain in open concept mode and let’s take a look at moving your business forward. BTW – the technology part is the easy stuff. Tough stuff? The people part. First—we’re talking about change management happening between the ears. Second—how to set your team up for success, and what working virtually means in the here, the now, and the future. Lastly—scryer Steve gazes into the technological crystal ball.
Steve Riat
Director of Sales
Steve Riat has been a featured speaker for companies such as Intel, Microsoft and SonicWALL for his unique ability to bring to life the integration between business and technology. Steve leads two Kansas Technology Peer Groups and two national Technology Peer Groups. An entertaining and motivating speaker, Steve speaks and facilitates seminars on technology business growth and culture.
Olga Detrixhe
Roy Inlow