About This Webinar
During the Webinar Blair and Jeff will both explain and discuss:

Rental Fleet:
-Overview of Newterra Rental Fleet and system technology designed to significantly lower operational requirements
-Automated dosing, sludge, and TSS removal
-Newterra’s Mobile ECA
-Water Treatment Systems with Flow rates from 10GPM to 300GPM

LongBox® Clarifier Technology:
-Reduce on-site footprint by eliminating the need for a large number of frac tanks
-provides fast and effective removal of suspended solids
-extremely compact, self-contained unit
-Offers almost 3x the settling area of conventional weir tanks more than twice their size
-25% more settling area than similarly sized conventional tube clarifiers

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  • R
    Jeff Kempson
    Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • B
    Blair Trewartha
    Rental Business Manager