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About This Webinar
The “Return Matrix” solution that beats Wall Street at their own game:

If you want to be an Earnings Investor, you can’t rely on the limited info you get from popular investing websites like Yahoo! Finance. You need “smart data,” in real-time, that presents historical context, and tells you exactly what to do next. News Quantified has analyzed earnings data of all US public companies on NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ and we’ve found predictable, profitable, scientifically-validated patterns.
  • Which metrics earnings investors need to track during earnings season to ensure they don’t miss out on maximum profit for each trade.
  • Why the timing of each earnings report matters and how to use it to your advantage (this is how you hit the really big winners).
  • How you can use “smart data” (that you won’t find on popular investing sites like Yahoo! Finance) to make a killing during earnings season.
  • How to access 10 years of historic earnings performance so you’ll know exactly which stocks move BIG after earnings events.
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    Oliver Schmalholz
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Enter Oliver Schmalholz, a man who lost millions the Dotcom Crash and then worked tirelessly to unlock the secrets of the stock market. After extensive research, he has built a data-driven, scientifically-validated system that can predict when and how much a stock will change in price. This training is a look behind the curtain at Oliver’s journey and the inner workings of the systematic approach he has developed.