Join our upcoming webinar featuring Thomas von Tschammer, Director of Operations at Neural Concept and Dr. Lukasz Miroslaw, Senior HPC/AI Specialist at Microsoft. Together, we will explain how Neural Concept accelerates the adoption of AI for engineering and redefines design timelines and product performances, bringing innovative products to market.

Engineering companies are under unprecedented pressure to design and deliver better products at a rapid pace. Scaling from prototypes to robust, production-ready solutions presents one of the most significant challenges.

NCS is the end-to-end platform that empowers CAE engineers to 10x their impact and productivity bridging the gap between modern simulation technologies, machine learning, and scalable industrial impact.

In this webinar, you will discover how the integration of NCS and Microsoft Azure streamlines an accelerated, end-to-end design optimization workflow that is fully automated and quickly accessible within an organization.

Our experts will share insights from use cases like electronics cooling where Neural Concept's users are significantly reducing product development costs and enhancing product characteristics such as efficiency, safety, and speed.

Key takeaways:

➡️ Understand how to identify relevant use-cases within your company and how to think about ROI.
➡️ Learn about the most advanced technology and most complete platform in the Engineering Intelligence space.
➡️ Get practical examples of how it is implemented in major engineering companies.
➡️ Learn about the technical skills that CAE engineers need to nurture and develop to embrace Engineering Intelligence
➡️ Understand how the Microsoft Azure platform empowers the engineers with AI capabilities that can be directly integrated with PLM, VDI and HPC infrastructure as well as OneLake storage to enable collaboration, AI-driven modeling and secure data sharing across organisation.
➡️ Ask questions in our live Q&A session

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    Thomas von Tschammer
    Director of Operations, Neural Concept
    Thomas graduated from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, and a specialization in Neuroprosthetics. Then he worked as a researcher in the Computer Vision Laboratory of EPFL from which Neural Concept is also a spin-off. He then joined Neural Concept in the very early days of the company, more than four years ago. Thomas is now Director of Operations at Neural Concept, leading the Application Engineering team, and working closely with large companies to deploy AI-based workflow in their engineering design processes.
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    Łukasz Mirosław
    Senior HPC/AI Specialist, Microsoft
    Dr. Łukasz Mirosław has 18+ years of experience in HPC. After his Ph.D. at Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology and Wroclaw University of Technology, he held research positions at Swiss, German and Polish research institutions in multiscale modelling. Founder and co-founder of four startups and grant holder from Max Planck Society, Herbert Quandt Foundation, Saxony Ministry and Polish-Swiss Research Programme. Currently, he is a member of the Global Black Belt team at Microsoft Azure working for the most advanced HPC & AI projects with enterprise customers from automotive, manufacturing and pharma industry.