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In this important session, myairops will partner with the industry’s leading data players Spire, Aviowiki and MySky to look at how data can help organizations make better decisions, deliver efficiencies and drive business development and optimization. The session will explore the key types of data businesses need, what makes data actionable and the ways connectivity is playing an important role as the industry continues its recovery.

Sponsored By: myairops
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    Tim Ford, Moderator
    President, myairops
  • 1620871544-0ac18c9d7a56eee9
    Paul Cremer
    Operations Delivery Manager, Gama Aviation
  • 1620871557-eb0b581e2a659d5b
    Dr. Shay Har-Noy
    General Manager, Spire Aviation
  • 1620871568-c0edd1fe71329457
    Diego Magrini
    CEO, aviowiki
  • 1620871578-f44b1644a65bc0df
    Chris Marich
    Co-Founder, MySky