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Technological and scientific advancements being made in the fields of batteries, composites, fuel cells and beyond will enable more sustainable, smart air mobility, but innovation brings with it both opportunities and challenges.

What are the latest trends and how will they develop? What’s the innovation horizon? Can we realistically meet sustainable development goals within the next decade through this work? How will these new technologies and materials influence how aircraft look and fly tomorrow?

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    Rohit Jaggi, Moderator
    Deputy Editor, Financial Times
  • 1617661322-a659ca43ac748b9a
    Sebastian Fumero
    Adviser, European Commission
  • 1617661408-efa1776f52edac0d
    Dr. Patricia Parlevliet
    Senior Research Project Leader, Airbus Blue Sky
  • 1616555554-3e56bd679ff8ed6f
    Dr. Anita Sengupta
    CEO/Founder, Hydroplane Ltd.