About this Webinar
This session recording will be available starting on October 12th at pathlms.com/NBAA. If you have any questions about the recordings, please email NBAAGO@nbaa.org.

The town hall will feature living legends John and Martha King, of the King Schools, and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Safety Foundation Richard McSpadden, peering through the windscreen to discuss emerging safety trends with aviation’s premier journalist, Miles O’Brien.

The event will also recognize excellence in aviation safety, including the presentation of NBAA’s new Above and Beyond Airmanship Award.
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    Miles O'Brien, Moderator
  • 1601312027-f3e8dee797063ca8
    Ed Bolen
    President and CEO, NBAA
  • 1601521073-20e39952c6f74f20
    Gerald Downs
    Captain, AirTrek
  • 1601312037-fcb8a7442b4294c1
    John King
    Co-chairman and Co-owner, King Schools
  • 1601312049-1d1a02e302fe4b39
    Martha King
    Co-chairman and Co-owner, King Schools
  • 1601312060-3615ab55877b4a5d
    Richard McSpadden
    Executive Director, AOPA Air Safety Institute
  • 1601521119-96c577460a7f8d9b
    Bruce Monnier
    Captain, AirTrek