About this Webinar
National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt will provide a keynote address, including his first-hand perspective on enhancing business aviation safety. Then our industry-leading panel of experts will help you learn how an operation can utilize its Safety Management System to bring and monitor organizational change that encourages, promotes, and provides tools for proactive Fitness for Duty programs. Services, including flight department assistance programs, airman medical certification services, and biomathematical fatigue modeling, will be discussed for the enhancements they can bring to an organization's fitness for duty program.
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    Ed Bolen, Opening Remarks
    President and CEO, National Business Aviation Association
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    Hon. Robert Sumwalt, Keynote
    Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board
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    Greg Farley, Moderator
    Senior Global Captain, Manager Aviation Safety and Security, John Deere Global Aviation
  • 1598915395-fa77ac0a0c4e4085
    Matt McNeil
    Licensed Professional Counselor, LiftAffect LLC
  • 1598915281-726a9254d2772a0c
    Daniel Mollicone, PH.D.
    Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Pulsar Informatics
  • 1598915919-12a081a915e71463
    Dr. Quay Snyder
    President/CEO, Co-Owner, Aviation Medicine Advisory Service
  • 1598916003-1b65207ce58bb09c
    Jeff Wofford, Closing Remarks
    Vice Chair, NBAA Safety Committee and Chief Pilot and Director of Aviation, Commscope