About this Webinar
This session recording will be available starting on October 12th at pathlms.com/NBAA. If you have any questions about the recordings, please email NBAAGO@nbaa.org.

This session will focus on how an individual can take a more proactive approach to the FAA Medical certification process to help ensure better health and yield the benefits of robust medical programs that can detect issues before they manifest into career-ending conditions.

NBAA will also recognize excellence in business aviation safety by those NBAA member companies achieving 50 or 60 years of accident-free flying with NBAA’s Safe Flying Awards.
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    Ed Bolen, Opening Remarks
    President and CEO, National Business Aviation Association
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    Greg Farley, Moderator
    Senior Global Captain, Manager Aviation Safety and Security, John Deere Global Aviation
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    Dr. Quay Snyder
    President/CEO, Co-Owner, Aviation Medicine Advisory Service