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Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
  • 1616552925-9578112b49507c6c
    Ed Bolen, Moderator
    President and CEO, National Business Aviation Association
  • 1616552937-23d214f025a86b15
    Athar Husain Khan, Moderator
    Secretary-General, European Business Aviation Association
  • 1618260378-567a2a46dc4c18ef
    Michael Amalfitano
    President and CEO, Embraer
  • 1618260547-77eee3febd174670
    Markus Bucher
    CEO, Pilatus
  • 1618347273-81555d7e290e8bb3
    Mark Burns
    President, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
  • 1618507306-1f2bcf00fe2024e8
    Benoit Defforge
    President, Airbus
  • 1618539524-3355d43b4177b228
    James Detwiler
    President, Boeing Business Jets
  • 1618507985-011670d2c58a6b41
    Ron Draper
    President and CEO, Textron Aviation
  • 1618597821-e158254308d76ca8
    Didier Kayat
    CEO, Daher
  • 1618967859-4eea6e6c0a5285ce
    Éric Martel
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier
  • 1618597839-6cc77f3132dc9a14
    Éric Trappier
    CEO, Dassault