Understanding SAF and the specifics regarding SAF production, blending, and consumption, and now new transaction models could be standardized and scaled to increase production and use.

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    Ed Bolen, Welcome Remarks
    President and CEO, National Business Aviation Association
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    Timothy Obitts, Moderator
    President and CEO, National Air Transportation Association
  • 1598446671-271fd63a7cb31086
    Timothy Cesarek
    Chief Commercial Officer, Gevo
  • 1598279376-de3bbe8f414199ee
    Chris Cooper
    Vice President North America, Renewable Aviation, Neste
  • 1598279275-5a2d3be849e8f087
    Darren Fuller
    VP Sales and Business Development, World Fuel Services
  • 1598527375-6f09c622217ee851
    Tony Lefebvre
    Chief Operating Officer, Signature Aviation
  • 1598459195-c05882a3ee13308e
    Tom Parsons
    Low carbon - commercial development manager, Air bp
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    Keith R. Sawyer
    Manager Alternative Fuels, Avfuel Corporation