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New technologies are arriving at a higher rate than ever at the desks of the regulators for certification, but how will they fit in a dated safety infrastructure that already has issues dealing with current technologies? How will the existing safety infrastructure be ready to validate these technologies and make them available as commercially viable products? With safety in focus, how can we fulfill public and business interests? Can we use industry-established best practices and safety nets?

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    Robert Baltus, Moderator
    Chief Operations Officer, European Business Aviation Association
  • 1617661972-eca0f0eaf30f9b5e
    Robert Dingemanse
    CEO, PalV
  • 1617661910-47512ea19ca0cb59
    Joachim Lücking
    Head of Unit, DG Mobility and Transport - Aviation Safety, DG MOVE
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    Marian-Jean Marinescu
    Member of the European Parliament, EPP Group, TRAN Coordinator