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Business aviation has been hit hard by recent events, yet at the same time has shown its resilience and created new opportunities. COVID and, to a lesser extent, Brexit have made 2020 and 2021 years unlike any other. In some sectors, business aviation welcomed new entrants. Many operations, though, were grounded as a result of travel restrictions.

This panel discussion will look into the future and explore how the industry will keep new entrants, if and when travel returns to a pre-pandemic normal; whether advancements in sustainability will attract new entrants who previously shunned business aviation; and other factors that can drive growth in the industry.

Sponsored By: Collins Aerospace
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    Paul Walsh, Moderator
    Senior Manager, Member Services, European Business Aviation Association
  • 1619198074-c7ff0d076264387d
    Alex Durand
    CEO, Saxonair
  • 1618500925-d795122422404ba3
    Bernhard Fragner
    CEO, GlobeAir
  • 1618847150-7fc01e7d7eae46e5
    Ian Moore
    Chief Commercial Officer, VistaJet