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World-Renowned Experts in Upset Training Announce Low-Cost Upset Recovery Training in Europe

Upset Training Solutions International (UTSI), a flight training organization with an operating location in Europe (EU), is now offering a low-cost Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) solution in the Netherlands. The cost-effective solution meets the demand for EASA Advanced UPRT FCL.745. A certificates while still offering professional and student pilots UPRT delivered by the most elitely trained and highly qualified instructors in the world, and in purpose-built aircraft with optimal capability and the widest safety margins.

Additionally, the program has been vetted and approved by Aviation Performance Solutions (APS), a world leader in UPRT and creator of the EPIC-S2™ standard for effective UPRT delivery. EU pilots can now get excellent regulatory-compliant upset training along with a comprehensive knowledge of the scope and mitigation of Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), aviation’s #1 fatal threat.
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    Randall Brooks
    UPRT Subject Matter Expert
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    François Jurres
    Managing Director