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Advanced air mobility (AAM) incorporates remarkable technological advantages in electric motors, rotors, batteries and flight automation. This technology will become reality within just a few years and will have profound implications for business aviation.

Our panel of experts will discuss how AAM will come to be, with a focus on vertiport and air traffic infrastructure requirements and eVTOL aircraft progress.

Sponsored By: CAE
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    Dr. Anita Sengupta, Moderator
    CEO/Founder, Hydroplane Ltd.
  • 1621344160-453a59cb46c20943
    Neil Cloughley
    CEO, Faradair Aerospace
  • 1621344165-e1b2bab35221d8e2
    Dan Dalton
    Vice President, Global Partnerships, Wisk
  • 1621344163-2927e312df52ec0e
    Florian Reuter
    CEO, Volocopter
  • 1621344162-2c152fe25b979733
    Dr. Tine Tomažič
    CTO, Pipistrel