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Presentations Included
John Reed - "Cis-lunar Marketplace and Commercialization"
Mason Tudor - "Quantitative Methods To Inform Reliability-Based Test Strategies for Engine Upgrades on Liquid Rocket Engines"
Tharikaa Rumesh Kumar - "Compressible Biglobal Stability Analysis of Vorticoacoustic Waves in Cylindrical Motors"
Matthew Pickard - "Alternating Between Software Models and Real Hardware in the System Integration Lab for the Incremental Development of the Space Launch System Program Avionics"
Jordan Fuse - "Designing a Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Interactive Anomaly Response Training Tool"
Noah Schwalb - "Small-Scale UAV Winglet Optimization"
  • 1:20 PM CST - Session Introduction
  • 1:25 PM CST - Start of Presentations
  • 2:25 PM CST - Sponsor Highlight - RadioBro - Break for 10 min
  • 2:40 PM CST - Resume Presentations
  • 3:45 PM CST - End of Presentations