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Presentations Included
Dakshina Fernando - "Using Rapid Cellular Regeneration with Programmable Nano-Particles for Critical Component Repair while in Air under Emergency Conditions"
Dr. Tyler Hudson - "Porosity Prediction and Detection During Composite Cure Using Simulation and Ultrasonic In-Situ Inspection Inside an Autoclave"
Max McCall - "Fused Filament Fabrication Sealing Enhancement and Liquid Retention Methods"
Dr. Matthew Hitt - "Axial-Injection, End-Burning Hybrid Rocket Motor Sensitivity Study"
Brayan Rodriguez - "Design and Construction of an Engine and Fins Support, for High Power Probe Type Rocket by Digital Additive Manufacturing"
  • 9:20 AM CST - Session Introduction
  • 9:25 AM CST - Start of Presentations
  • 10:25 AM CST - Sponsor Highlight - TBE and Break for 10 min
  • 10:45 AM CST - Resume Presentations
  • 11:50 AM CST - End of Presentations