With consumer privacy front-and-centre, publishers have an opportunity to take back control of their data, their audiences, and their revenues. As the gatekeepers of the customer relationship, publishers are responsible for gaining user consent, which in turn gives them access to (and the power of) first and zero party data, which with options for contextual targeting, cohort modelling, and subscriptions, offers an array of options to power audience addressability. However, knowing how to balance these options to yield the best results will be critical.

The collection of more first and zero party data is a core element of audience addressability and will fuel audience strategy in 2 key ways: 1) it provides valuable insights into your owned audience that can be used to serve more relevant ads, content and offers. 2) By modelling audiences based on that accurate first and zero party data, it provides a blueprint to find more of those audiences and further optimise the user experience.

  • What’s happening in audience addressability and how we got here.
  • What publishers should be doing to safeguard audience strategy.
  • What are publishers, agencies & vendors - such as Arena Holdings, UM Worldwide, Narratiive and Carbon - prioritizing over the next 6-12 months?
Regional Digital Director at UM Worldwide
James is a global agency leader with over 20 years’ experience in across digital media, consulting, partnerships and technology. He is a growth focused expert with specialisms in business development, product transformation and services development.
James drives change within organisations requiring digital transformation with proven capabilities in leading award winning digital teams, generating impactful ROI for clients.
Head of digital: media at Arena Holdings
Riaan Wolmarans is the head of digital: media at Arena Holdings, the publisher of some of South Africa’s oldest and most popular print and online news titles, including the Sunday Times, Business Day, the Sowetan, Financial Mail, TimesLIVE, SowetanLIVE and BusinessLIVE. He has more than two decades’ experience in both print and digital journalism, having worked for the Mail & Guardian in South Africa and the Financial Times in the UK, among others.
General Manager at Narratiive
For over 20 years Chad Hussain has been a noteworthy leader in the digital publishing space and is the current General Manager for Narratiive. Having had a career working for some of the biggest corporate publishers and social platforms in the UK and the Middle East he brings a detailed knowledge of the business challenges these organisations face. He works across the Narratiive publisher network and is the primary lead for partnerships and commercial. He resides in Dubai and spends his year between the UK and the Middle East.
VP Commercial & Strategic Partnerships at Carbon
David is a big data and analytics expert with 30 years of senior experience in software solutions designed to deliver value from the constantly growing volume and complexity of data from operational platforms. David is Carbon’s VP of commercial & strategic partnerships, with a focus on building strong partnerships across the industry that promote data quality, transparency and the use of technology to deliver commercial advantage from data.