About This Webinar
When you’re dealing with a challenging problem, you might feel:
-Isolated and alone
-A struggle to move forward

When you’re connected to the people in your network, all of this can go away. You can...
-Feel happier
-Be more confident
-Find solutions you didn’t think of before
-Remove loneliness and despair and replace it with excitement and peace of mind
-Run in any direction you want to run!

After this one hour webinar, you will have:
1. Uncovered hidden gems in your network that can make a big difference in accomplishing current and future goals
2. Clear strategies to effectively and authentically nurture relationships remotely
3.Clarity on how to leverage people you know to resolve something at work or in life that you’re currently dealing with
4. Tools to continue leveraging your network with little effort
Helen Kim '16
Assistant Director, Career Advancement
Helen oversees the digital programs including the NAA Career Webinar Series along with the NAA Career Podcast, Northwestern Intersections, to provide career advancement resources for the alumni network. She is passionate about engaging alumni to share their stories of how Northwestern has impacted their lives.
Laura Castaing '11 MBA
Laura Castaing is an executive coach based in NYC with 14 years of operations experience. She worked directly for founders and managed over 500 people at startups including Managed by Q and HowAboutWe. She has an MBA from Kellogg, an engineering degree from Duke, and three years of experience full-time coaching.

She coaches founders and successful professionals facing work transitions. Her approach combines a high level of empathy, a deep understanding of business strategy and career development, and an action-oriented mindset. You can learn more about her on her website, https://www.lauracastaing.com/ and on LinkedIn.
Carly Chase
Carly Chase’s 15-year career has included stints at big institutions (e.g. Goldman Sachs, The City of New York under Mayor Michael Bloomberg) and NYC based startups (e.g. PivotDesk, SquareFoot).

Currently, she serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. She runs programs including MIT’s summer accelerator based in NYC and coaches students across campus to be effective entrepreneurs and humans. She is also a Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. You can read more about her on LinkedIn.