About This Webinar
How can we transform today’s stressed and rushed work environment into a more collaborative and creative one – just like the improvisational comedy (“improv”) world?

From the vantage point of one of the business world’s own, with a background in improv as well, Nicole Faust Cohen (McCormick ’99) shares her insights on why the business world needs improved collaboration, communication and human interaction – and how improv can help.

In this session, Nicole introduces approaches from workshops that she has delivered to teams across diverse industries. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of why and how improv rules and lessons should and can be leveraged in the workplace as well as how to bring those rules to life.

Let’s go ahead and take steps on this journey, creating the kind of workforce of which we all want to be a part: outcomes driven (of course), inspiring and fun.

No costumes required.
Helen Kim '16
Assistant Director, Career Advancement
Helen oversees the digital programs including the NAA Career Webinar Series along with the NAA Career Podcast, Northwestern Intersections, to provide career advancement resources for the alumni network. She is passionate about engaging alumni to share their stories of how Northwestern has impacted their lives.
Nicole Faust Cohen '99
Nicole Faust Cohen graduated from Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and a Theme in Fine Arts.

Nicole is currently a Managing Director at a global consulting and technology company, where she has worked in the Life Sciences industry for the past twenty years. Her primary focus has been enabling business transformations for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, supporting their work to bring new therapies to market and to change the lives of patients around the world.

From her corporate experiences, Nicole has recognized that the journey leading to business outcome greatness is as important as the greatness itself. She has leveraged her theatre and improvisational comedy training to achieve meaningful journeys with her teams. At Northwestern, Nicole performed in an improvisational comedy troupe, where she first learned and worked with the rules of improv.

Nicole has applied those improv rules to the workplace. She has created and delivered workshops to cross-functional and cross-geographic leadership teams in order to improve human-to-human interactions, communication and collaboration to achieve innovation and success in business.

It is with great passion and personal experience that she brings “Improv @ Work”.

You may contact her directly through her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicole-cohen-44673b/.