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Tax-return reporting has changed yet again for the 2022 tax season. This tax season brings more risk than ever for expensive mistakes with tax returns involving stock compensation, including cost-basis reporting for stock sales.

Register for this lively educational webinar on tax-return topics for stock comp. Sharpen your knowledge of the rules of tax-return reporting for stock options, restricted stock/RSUs, ESPPs, and sales of company shares. Learn from experienced tax experts how to avoid the common mistakes that can lead to tax overpayments or unwanted IRS attention. Plus, get special insights from case studies on how to use information in tax returns to create better financial plans.

Featuring leading experts (two CPAs and an Enrolled Agent) on tax returns involving stock comp, this 100-minute webinar will be moderated by Bruce Brumberg, JD, the editor-in-chief and co-founder of myStockOptions and a contributor.

Topics covered include:
• Review of tax treatment for equity comp
• Changes in tax-return reporting that apply to stock comp
• Errors with cost-basis reporting that can lead to overpaying capital gains tax
• Key forms needed to report income and stock sales on IRS Form 1040, Form 8949, and Schedule D
• Avoiding double-counting of W-2 income from options, restricted stock/RSUs, and dividends
• Ensuring AMT from ISO exercises is reported and any AMT credit is used (and what to do if it isn’t)
• Preventing inaccurate calculation of ESPP income
• Special issues with wash sales and share identification to reduce capital gains
• Preventing painful tax-return mistakes with sell-to-cover exercises and RSU share withholding
• Checklist for reviewing tax returns before filing
• Using information on the tax return to prepare better financial plans

"This webinar was outstanding!"
—Chris Wentzien (CPA/PFS, CFP®, MBA), Natural Bridges Financial Advisors

This webinar offers 2.0 CE credit hours for the following certifications:
• Certified Financial Planners (CFP®)
• Certified Equity Professionals (CEP)

"The knowledge I gained from myStockOptions both as a premium member and from your webinars has made me stand out at work."
—Vincent Leonardo (EA), Tax Analyst, Intuit

Please contact the myStockOptions team at 617-734-1979 or

Details About the Webinar

About the Speakers

1644624734-10f992941a381adb Stephanie Bucko, CPA, CFA®
CIO & Co-Founder, Mana Financial Life Design

Stephanie is a Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst®. She audited hedge funds in New York City with PricewaterhouseCoopers during the 2008 financial crisis. Following this challenging work, Stephanie joined Man Group, the world’s largest publicly traded hedge fund as a risk manager for six years, handling $15 billion in hedge funds. After years of serving banks, pensions, and endowments, Stephanie became interested in bringing institutional-quality services to a broader population. In 2016, she left New York City to pursue a career in individual money management, where she managed $200 million in assets across equities, bonds, and alternative investments. Stephanie recognized that investment management was only a small piece of the service that individuals truly need in a financial advisor. She decided that clients needed more from their advisors in order to succeed. Through this realization, she partnered with Cristina to bring Mana's vision to life. When Stephanie isn't devouring books on economics and markets, you can find her outside. Her favorite days are spent on the ski slopes or the golf course.

1644625135-9f6be021dbd1a95f Daniel Zajac, CFP®, EA
Managing Partner, Zajac Group

Daniel Zajac is a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional who has extensive experience working with high-net-worth clients who have equity compensation. Daniel is responsible for long-term strategic business planning, is actively involved in new business development, and is charged with leading strategic firm initiatives.

1645566217-9f8914081dac5905 Dan B. Hodgin, CPA
Owner, Silicon Valley Tax Group

Dan started his career in the field of taxation at Mohler, Nixon, & Williams, LLC. There, under the tutelage of some of the most respected tax specialists in the Bay Area, he worked on thousands of tax returns for a variety of client types. As his career progressed, Dan became a specialist in the area of high-net worth individuals and his clients included some of the world's wealthiest people. It was working with those clients that gave Dan the exposure to some of the most complicated tax situations and allowed him to become the tax expert that he is today.

1645566321-914945fdae80370e Bruce Brumberg, JD (moderator)
Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, myStockOptions

Bruce Brumberg has devoted most of his professional career to making complex legal and tax concepts understandable to people who do not enjoy reading the Internal Revenue Code and the securities laws. Bruce is the editor-in-chief and a co-founder of, the premier provider of web-based educational content and tools on stock options, restricted stock, ESPPs, SARs, and performance shares. He runs another website (, on nonqualified deferred comp), produced the Think Twice insider-trading-prevention videos (, and writes a popular blog at Bruce graduated from the University of Michigan and University of Virginia School of Law.

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