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Do you feel a heaviness in your gut on Sunday nights as you prepare yourself for Monday mornings and the work week ahead?

Does work suck the energy out of you, leaving you unable to participate in activities you used to enjoy "cuz" you spend your free time recuperating?

Do you often wish you were doing something else but you don’t know what that would be?

Do you feel a tug inside pushing you to do more, express more of yourself and make a difference in the world but fear is holding you back?


Imagine waking up on Monday mornings anticipating the work week ahead

Imagine having the energy to go to work AND do the things you enjoy doing

Imagine clearly knowing which professional path to pursue because you followed your heart without any repercussions ...

I know, it's scary, you're concerned about your financial security, you have bills to pay, your dud job offers great benefits and an awesome pension plan.

You can't justify following your heart.

But ...

Waking up every day dragging yourself to work can destroy your soul, I know, I was there.
This is common, most people don’t enjoy going to work; but, it doesn’t have to be YOUR normal.

I’m here to help you discover how it’s possible to live a life where you love going to work! One step at a time. I know, crazy right? But totally possible.

In 2008, I was in career hell and it was destroying me from the inside. When I finally found a way out of the situation, I swore to myself this would never happen to me again.

As a Holistic Coach and Career Consultant, I’ve integrated my educational experience in Counselling Psychology, more than 6 years career coaching and counselling clients, 13 years of teaching groups and individuals, as well as an intensive training in yoga and yogic philosophy to create The My Map to Happiness™ Method. A 5 step self-discovery coaching program that will help you go from the confusion and overwhelm of wondering “What’s Next” to the clarity required to successfully reach your personal goal of leaving a job that sucks your soul dry.

So you can live a life you love!
What does that look like?

You successfully leave a job that kept you in a cycle of funk
You wake up everyday feeling like it was Friday anticipating the week ahead
You have energy at the end of a busy work day to enjoy an active lifestyle
You feel free to choose an occupation you enjoy
You follow your heart without any repercussions or regrets

Attend the free webinar to discover the 5 steps to take to leave your dud job and live a life you love! (without putting a hole in your budget)

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Fri, Nove 3, 2017 · 6:00 PM
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