Healthcare’s end users, better known as patients, rely on physicians to listen, care and solve their healthcare problems. What might not be widely appreciated, however, is the value physician leaders bring to large scale successful strategies around care transformation and payment reform.

This webinar will highlight two physician leaders, one a primary care physician and the other an orthopedic specialist, who have a track record of success in creating patient-centered sustainable healthcare value.
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    Frederic Liss, MD
    - President, Physician-Led Healthcare for America
    - Board Member, TruNorth.Tech
    - Medical Director, TEMPUS Work Environment & Risk Solutions, LLC
    - Clinical Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University, Rothman Institute
    - Associate Surgeon, Division of Hand Surgery The Rothman Orthopedic Institute
    - Co-Founder, Member Board of Directors and Past Medical Director Physicians Care Surgical Hospital
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    Joe Quaranta, MD
    - Market President, Privia Health CT
    - President, Community Medical Group, Inc.
    - Primary Care Physician, Quinipiac Medical of Branford
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    Steve Schutzer, MD
    Webinar Moderator
    MTVA Board Member; Co-Founder, Upswing Health
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    John Rodis, MD
    Webinar Host
    MTVA President and President, Arista Health LLC