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    You may be wondering how do I know what your daughter wishes you knew about parenting teen girls in a sexualized world?

    And while I may not know your daughter, I have spoken to close to 200,000 teens over the past 20 years, have amassed more than 17,000 letters from those students (most of them written by teen girls), and have consoled, counseled and coached countless teen girls along the way.

    Young ladies feel comfortable pouring their hearts out to me, often revealing the pain and regrets from the poor choices they’ve made regarding love, sex, and relationships that they’ve kept from their parents.

    Knowing so many girls suffer in silence has bothered me for years.

    When girls have stayed after class to confide in me, I’ve always admonished them to open-up to their mothers.

    Why? Because I know the one person BEST suited to help them is their mom!

    And I’ve long believed the best way for me to prevent more teen girls from making poor relationship choices is by equipping their parents to empower them.

    My mission has always been to come alongside parents to reinforce for their teen daughters the importance of knowing their worth and never settling for less than they deserve.

    And that’s why I’m hosting this workshop!

    If you really want to know how to meaningfully engage and communicate with your daughter, find out what teen girls say is effective.

    Join me on Nov. 6th for my parenting workshop fundraiser and get equipped with information your daughter NEEDS you to know about love, sex, and relationships, while benefitting teen girls and their families in Uganda.

    ***One hundred percent of the registration to attend the workshop will be donated to SheLearns—a ministry close to my heart in Kampala, Uganda.***
  • Agenda
    • “The Struggle is REAL!” - Where the pressure to have sex comes from.
    • “The Talk!” - When, Where & How to Have It
    • “Then vs. Now!” - Your Teen Years vs. Her Teen Years
    • “Is She Really OK?” - The State of Her Mental Health
    • “Parenting from Her Perspective!” - What Is & Isn’t Effective
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