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Topic: Labour Preparation

Presenter - Dr. Shagufta Parveen
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    Dr. Shagufta Parveen
    MPT in OBG Consultant Lactation & child birth educator
    Dr.Shagufta parveen has been a childbirth educator & lactation consultant for nearly 14 years now, and in that time she has exponentially increased her knowledge and experience. After completing her MPT womens health in 2007 & international lactation certification, she started supporting women’s for birth preparation clasess and breastfeeding support. she has mastered the birth training, and significantly expanded her services for women with any pain and discomfort during any phase of life.

    In adition to that, she also offers IHFA Child Birth Training program for professionals in different countries. As She says once she delivered her baby in 2010 she understood the difference between mechanical and emotional parenting support. According to her every women has unique physical and emotion identity. And the support has to be crafted according to the need.

    Her statement is well reflected on her service and the feedback provided by her clients. She understands the need for lactation and women’s health physiotherapy for this generation and want to help all the clients, and educate them, for the same reason she has been creating her own team and trained them, so she can reach out to all and provide the services easily. She is trying her best to make life easy to the expecting mom’s and new mom’s by placing her team in various hospitals.