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Presenter - Dr Shilpi Srivastava - (PT) MPT, LCCE, FNR, COMT
Consultant Physiotherapist & Lactation Expert
Topic - Pregnancy & Breast feeding during Covid
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    Motherhood Hospital
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    Dr Shilpi Srivasatava
    Motherhood Hospitals - Noida
    Dr. Shilpi Srivastava (PT) is an experienced Physiotherapist, having an experience of more than 7 years.
    She is a Lamaze certified childbirth educator and certified lactation counselor.
    Her areas of special interest include physiotherapy management both for orthopaedic and gynaecological conditions, along with antenatal and postnatal counseling.
    She conducts childbirth education classes, extends lactation support and women health physiotherapy for pregnant women.