There is no doubt that the wow factor to your patients of using digital technology is significant.

However, the real advantage is in the how much better you can be as a clinician, how much more you can do for your patients, and how much better your bottom line can be.

Presenting an insight into utilising digital technology in your practice and a simple roadmap to show you how to do it.

Wed, 13/10/2021 · 7:30 PM Melbourne (GMT 11:00)
  • It is not difficult to adapt your technique to incorporate digital tools in your everyday practice
  • All data from photography and smile design to intra-oral scans of the mouth and CT’s are incorporated into one integrated digital CAD file
  • With all of the data integrated into a virtual environment, we have the ability to adjust any aspect of the treatment plan and see what impact that will have on all aspects of the outcome. This gives us the ability to project and predict possible outcomes, plan our treatments with fine attention to detail, and present detailed treatment proposals to our patients
Dr Henriette Lerner
A specialist in oral surgery, focusing on implantology and aesthetics, she is an educator in the topics of implant dentistry, grafting techniques and digital technology, as well as aesthetics on implants.Based in Baden Baden, Germany.

Dr. Lerner graduated from the University of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Timisoara, Romania, and finished her surgical and implantology education in Germany and the United States. Dr. Henriette Lerner is the founder and Director of HL Dentclinic and Academy in Baden-Baden, Germany, which is an academic clinical, teaching and research facility of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, in Frankfurt on Main, Germany. She serves as a board member and expert of the DGOI, the German Society of Oral Implantology, and is currently President of the Digital Dentistry Society International (DDS) (digital-dentistry.org).

Dr. Lerner is an Editorial Advisor for 3 scientific journals (Practical Implantology , DGOI Oral Implantology, and MDPI). She is the author of a number of scientific papers and book chapters (Esthetics in Dentistry, Implant Esthetics, Digital Occlusion in Implant rehabilitations) which detail esthetics in Implantology, grafting procedures, biomaterials science and digital technologies.

She has contributed to the development of implant systems, dental apps and surgical instruments.
Kane Southwell