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Current times have created a great deal of confusion, anxiety and uncertainty, but are also offering a unique opportunity to pause, reflect and create new opportunities. Now is the perfect time to start meditating, so say Forbes.

In this webinar, we will explore the role meditation can play in helping you not only survive this period, but thrive.

We will discuss how a meditation practice can help you access the clarity and creativity needed to emerge stronger from this period, help improve patient satisfaction and loyalty, as well as understand how meditation works and the multitude of benefits it provides.


Upcoming Learn to Meditate Course for Clinicians:


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Website: Thrivebeing.com
Founder at Kareen Gilmore Well-being & Advisory Services
Kareen is a certified meditation and yoga teacher, combining her business, tech and leadership experience to offer a unique blend of modern wisdom to help individuals and organizations up-level and thrive while tapping into higher levels of joy and fulfillment.

Having lived in multiple countries including, Australia, New York and Tel Aviv, Kareen enjoys working with people from a broad range of backgrounds. Her diverse work experience, as a corporate attorney, leading Marketing and Business Development for technology companies, and graduating from an MBA at Columbia Business School, enable Kareen to understand the unique challenges and opportunities posed by working in today's environment.

Having experienced her own personal breakthroughs through meditation and yoga, her mission is to empower those who seek to experience more out of everyday life, to unlock access to their full potential, and bring their full selves to bear in all areas of life.