The use of dental implants has revolutionised dental treatment however, are you prepared to identify the signs and symptoms of possible implant failure even before the implant is placed?
Whilst dental implants have revolutionised dentistry they have not come without their own set of problems. That is why a comprehensive and collaborative approach to implant placement and care involving all key stakeholders is paramount. Many complications can occur with implants and can present early after insertion or sometimes years later. These complications could be preventable by following proper implant placement and maintenance guidelines and working cooperatively as a team in the best interests of the patient.
This interactive presentation will arm you with the latest research and tools to educate your collaborative team of dentists, hygienists/OHTs and patients on the best way to care for implants even before they are placed. Creating a preventive partnership will dramatically increase the success of your implants and your practice.

Moreover, there are few things more rewarding in dentistry than restoring our patients' teeth and smile with implants.

Incorporating the scientifically backed gold standard of implant maintenance gives your patients every chance to have a lifetime solution that keeps them coming back as happy patients.

Join one of Australia’s leading authorities on implant maintenance, disease prevention and periodontal therapy. The principles and techniques covered will be directly applicable in your implant practice making this webinar essential viewing for all implantologists.
Thu, Aug 19, 2021 · 7:30 PM Melbourne (GMT 10:00)
  • Preventative care protocols for pre-implant placement
  • Oral decontamination before surgery
  • Home care instructions for prior to surgery
  • Setting your patients expectations on home care
  • Motivating your patient
  • Is there a need for hygiene contracts?
Tabitha Acret (BOH)
Tabitha Acret is a dedicated and passionate award-winning Dental Hygienist. She studied a Bachelor or Oral Health at Newcastle University after working as a Dental Nurse and Practice Manager for 10 years and graduated in 2008. Since qualifying, Tabitha has become one of the most sought-after Hygienists and Educators in Australia and internationally with a fast-growing and loyal customer base of patients, dental professionals and media.

Tabitha was previously the National Vice-President for the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia and has volunteered in many roles since graduation for the Association. She also has a passion for educating with students, working as a Clinical Educator at Sydney University and currently works as a private Clinical Educator for implant maintenance and non-surgical periodontal therapy. She lectures and writes regularly for both industry and consumer press on motivating patients, implant maintenance and disease prevention and periodontal therapy. Winner of the 2018 Leadership Award in Dental Hygiene and the 2019 Award for Clinical Excellence, Tabitha had dedicated her professional life to continued learning and sharing her passion with the dental community.

Outside of her busy work life of lecturing and working clinically in private practice Tabitha enjoys volunteering both locally and internationally to raise awareness to change the way oral health care is delivered to patients, she co-hosts a podcast called disrupting dentistry sharing her passions for high level dentistry around the world.