Join Mintec’s Marcel Goldenberg and Jara Zicha as well as Michel Manceau, Head of Demeter - a consultancy specialised in tropical crops and owner of the website, for a deep dive into the vanilla market and issues that come with sustainability and climate change impacting buyers and farmers at a crucial time of the vanilla crop.

It appears that this year's crop could be severely impacted by climate change, so Michel, Marcel, and Jara will discuss what impacts this will have on the vanilla prices and demand. Senior Market Analyst Jara will be speaking about the demand for vanilla.

Indeed Michel is planning to join this webinar live from Madagascar to report the latest updates from the ground.

Climate change in Madagascar has been severely impacting the vanilla industry. Many buyers, and farmers alike, have been unsure of how to approach the vanilla market due to these climate changes. This webinar will discuss the severity of climate change, how to tackle the changes, and what to do to ensure the vanilla market survives moving forward.

The demand for vanilla has rebounded, after previously falling due to high market prices that were boosted by the pandemic. Jara will look at where the boost has come from and whether importers look at alternative origins amid the regulated market in Madagascar.

Mintec is an IOSCO accredited PRA, and together with the expert insights from this Webinar is a must-attend for anyone in the vanilla industry.
  • What are current and expected future vanilla prices likely to be?
  • What are the margins of different echelons of the supply chain and is there room for negotiation?
  • What is the long-term evolution of vanilla production likely to look like?
  • What is the climate change impact on the crop?
  • How do we raise awareness of sustainability in the vanilla markets?
  • What are the solutions to sustainable vanilla farming and prices?
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    Marcel Goldenberg
    Head of Proprietary Pricing • Price Reporting
    As Head of Proprietary Pricing, Marcel is responsible for developing and executing an integrated, long term strategy to extend Mintec’s position as the leading independent provider of proprietary prices and information in the food commodity industry. Previously, Marcel worked at S&P Global Platts as Global Head for Metals Pricing Methodologies, where he successfully built the Battery Metals Division. Marcel has spoken at events across the globe; runs his own podcast series and has appeared on TV as an industry expert.
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    Michel Manceau
    Head of Demeter
    Michel Manceau is Head of Demeter, a Consultancy that specialises in tropical crops such as vanilla.
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    Jara Zicha
    Senior Market Analyst
    Jara is a Senior Market Analyst with over ten years' experience analysing data and providing market intelligence for nuts, dried fruit, and spice markets.
    Jara is responsible for communicating insights to Mintec's clients, supporting procurement decisions, and working closely with reputable media channels.