About This Webinar
Have questions on your Profile? Doubts on School Selection? or general Application Queries? We can help!
  • Understand how to select schools, and break your choices into Dream, Competitive and Safe schools
  • Get tips on how to complete the initial Brainstorming for your application essays, to distill out your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Via a Live Q/A session at the end, pose any questions you may be having, and get expert responses on the same.
  • Get an Exclusive Live Session with our Founder, where he answers 2 dedicated questions per attendee. (You will get a link to submit your questions post Registration)
Rohit Rajaram
After working as an analyst in India, Rohit decided to get some international exposure and went to ESCP Europe to pursue a MiM program. Upon finishing his graduation, he worked in Berlin as an account manager and in Paris as a Strategic Project Manager. After gaining almost 5 years of cumulative professional experience, he decided to come back to India and to become an entrepreneur.

He joined the MiM-Essay as a consultant in 2017. He is now the COO and handles the strategy and business expansion operations of the company. He is also working on other ventures in ed-tech and digital marketing with Abhyank.
This webinar will show you…
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    TIP - 1
    Which school to choose according to your profile?
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    TIP - 2
    Get clarity on which programs are best for you
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    TIP 3
    Resolved any lingering doubts that you have about the applications