About This Webinar
Top schools receive an average of 104,704+ applications every season.
However, only 16%-18% of the applicants make it to their dream schools.

Want to be one of the accepted ones?
MiM-Essay is hosting a live MASTER CLASS, where we will be discussing the ultimate strategy to master a
B-School Application.
  • How to evaluate your profile to know your strength & weaknesses.
  • How to utilize the next few months to Strengthen your profile.
  • How to prepare an action plan to ace your GMAT.
  • How to frame an effective essay that helps you to stand out from the competition.
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    Rohit Rajaram
    Chief Operating Officer (COO) at MiM-Essay
    After working as an analyst in India, Rohit decided to get some international exposure and went to ESCP Europe to pursue a MiM program. Upon finishing his graduation, he worked in Berlin as an account manager and in Paris as a Strategic Project Manager. After gaining almost 5 years of cumulative professional experience, he decided to come back to India and to become an entrepreneur.

    He joined the MiM-Essay as a consultant in 2017. He is now the COO and handles the strategy and business expansion operations of the company. He is also working on other ventures in ed-tech and digital marketing with Abhyank.