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Be humble! The Essential Soft Skills an Engineer needs: A Manager's Perspective

About This Webinar

In this webinar, our speaker Dmitry Sitnikov from Distillery will be giving you his perspective on the essential soft skills engineers need to be successful in the industry.

Dmitry has worked in Android development for the last 9 years as both an engineer and a manager and has a wealth of knowledge and advice he wants to share with aspiring developers.

He'll also let you know a little about his background and work history and conclude his talk by answering all of your burning questions.

Join us and ask Dmitry anything!

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Android Engineer
I graduated in 2009 with an Engineer's degree in CS (Russian degree somewhat equivalent to Master's) and started working as a part-time intern year before. I was working with medical and telecommunications hardware before switching to mobile application development in 2011 which was a shiny new thing at the time. Then I got promoted eventually to the general manager (head of all development in the company) and after 2.5 years as the manager switched back to mobile development in 2017. Since then I'm working as an Android Engineer at software development agency Distillery, my primary client is Tala they do microloans in countries like Kenya, Philippines, and Mexico for people in need. I like engineering, in general, that's my hobby, not just an occupation. I do home automation, write small open-source apps and libraries, write blog posts about Android engineering, teach myself machine learning.

When I'm not coding I surf, ride the motorcycle and volunteer as the flag marshal on local racing events.
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A strong believer that everything should have a hover effect.
Please use Firefox over Google Chrome and stay inside.
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Student at Microverse
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