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    This year, Mental Health Week is being observed May 3-9, 2021. Mental Health Week is a Canadian tradition, with communities, schools and workplaces rallying to celebrate, protect and promote mental health and this year takes on a particular significance this year. There is not one of us who is not themselves or does not know someone going through mental health challenges. In honour of the week, the MNO’s MHA Program is hosting 3 evening sharing events hosted by some our therapists on the following topics for the community:

    Topic 1: Metis Mental Wellness During this 3rd Wave - Monday May 3, 7-7:30pm EDT

    Topic 2: What we are seeing with substance misuse during this pandemic – the effects upon individuals and families, signs and symptoms, what we can do and resources to tap into. - Wednesday May 5 8-8:30pm EDT

    Topic 3: Celebrating Mental Well being in Later Years – connecting from a therapist’s bundle. - Thursday May 6, 7-7:30pm EDT

    Additionally, to add to MNO’s bundle of current Mental Health and Addictions resources being offered, we will shortly be introducing a series of free online Mindfulness workshops for children, teens and adults – open to the community to help us all cope with the stress. Recognizing and talking about your stress, your emotions, helps in managing them. Stay tuned for these announcements as we endeavour to bring mindfulness into your lives and practice strategies and coping skills.
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