Ever wondered what it's like to volunteer with Mercy Ships? Discover how your skills can bring hope and healing, and have a lasting impact to the people we serve.

Hear from current Crew onboard and Alumni, as we take a look at what volunteering with Mercy Ships looks like from lots of different perspectives!
  • Introduction to our Crew and Alumni
  • Overview of volunteering onboard
  • Interview with guests
  • Q&A session for all attendees
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    Ally Jones
    Director of Global Recruiting
    Ally served onboard the Africa Mercy for five years with his wife & son, serving primarily in HR & Operations
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    Merryl Hoey
    Operating Theatre Clinical Supervisor
    I am from Brisbane, Australia and have worked in the operating theatres for the majority of my 40 plus years as a nurse. I first volunteered with Mercy Ships in 2007 for three weeks as an Operating Room Nurse.  Since then I have served short term 5 times before becoming the Operating Room Clinical Supervisor on the Africa Mercy in July 2017 and moving to the ship long term. After almost three years living on ship, I am just as passionate about Global Health and love being able to bring my skills, training and life experiences to serve with Mercy Ships.
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    Mick Dunne
    Former Second Engineer
    Mick served onboard the Africa Mercy with his family – wife Tammy and three sons – from 2013 to 2019. Mick initially served as a Third Engineer and then later stepped up and served as Second Engineer for over 3 years. He also served on the dive team and as Dive Team Leader. "Choosing to step out as an unpaid volunteer was a huge leap of faith but ended up being one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. We went for 2 years and ended up staying for 6 & ½, only departing due to a number of family health issues – or as we like to say, it was when God gave us a clear signal that it was time to leave."
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    Islay Robertson
    Human Resources Facilitator
    I am from Wellington, New Zealand and I have been onboard working in Human Resources since July 2019 as a Facilitator and Housing Coordinator. My background is completely different to this – I was working in NZ as an Osteopath and as a Genetics Laboratory Technician, but I fell in love with the mission of Mercy Ships and was happy to have a change. The ship community has been through lots of change since I've been here, but I still love being a part of it and serving here