Decarbonising shipping by Wind-assisted Propulsion

From having been considered a slightly eccentric option, Wind-assisted Propulsion has gained its place as a true contender and contributor in achieving the IMO 2050 goal for decarbonisation of the shipping sector. Join and learn from our live panel of industry experts how your business could benefit from this solution.

High Profile Technical Panel

The panel will be headed up by Lars Robert Pedersen – Deputy Secretary General of BIMCO, which represents 60% of the world’s tonnage. This second session of PFF live comes with the full support of the International Windship Association. Gavin Allwright, the Secretary General will be giving the welcome introduction, before a high profile panel of technical experts spanning across operators, naval architects, manufacturers and classification societies will be discussing their current wind projects and the technical requirements of integrating these systems aboard vessels
  • Welcome from Gavin Allwright
  • Introductions from our panel of experts
  • Live discussion
  • Interactive audience Q&A
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    Markell Charles Bailey
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    Gavin Allwright - Welcome Address
    Secretary General, International Windship Association (IWSA)
    Gavin Allwright is the Secretary General of the International Windship Association (IWSA). Established in 2014, this not-for-profit has grown to 130+ members from across the shipping industry and is working to promote and facilitate the uptake of wind propulsion solutions in commercial shipping. Alongside his work as association secretary, he also leads the policy work stream, requiring regular attendance at IMO, EU and national government level meetings and sits on the stakeholders advisory committee for the MTCC network at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

    Gavin is also a non-executive board member for the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), a work package leader on the EU Interreg Wind Assist Ship Propulsion (WASP) and advisor on various shipping decarbonisation projects. He is a regular guest lecturer at the UN World Maritime University (WMU) and holds a Masters degree in Sustainable Development, specialising in small scale sustainable shipping and logistics in developing countries and was an expert reviewer for the IPCC special report on 1.5C climate change.
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    Lars Robert Pedersen - Moderator
    Deputy Secretary General, BIMCO
    Deputy Secretary General Lars Robert Pedersen is responsible for BIMCO's technical and operational activities involving all technical and nautical issues within the area of marine environment, ship safety and maritime security. Lars Robert is furthermore responsible BIMCO’s activity related to regulatory developments relevant for shipping at international, regional and national levels. He joined BIMCO In early 2010 after a long career at A.P. Moller-Maersk. For more than 25 years he was involved in regulatory affairs at IMO level, technical management of the Maersk fleet of container ships and prior to that as seagoing engineer officer. Lars Robert holds an unlimited Chief Engineers license.
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    Roger Strevens
    VP, Global Sustainability, Wallenius Wilhelmsen
    As VP, Global Sustainability Roger leads the Wallenius Wilhelmsen group’s engagement with its diverse array of sustainability stakeholders. The over-arching objective is the same for all; to advance the sustainability agenda, while creating mutual value.

    His responsibilities range from representing the Group’s interests in maritime environmental policy, to driving sustainability collaborations with industry partners, customers and innovators. He works to build a ‘Lean:Green’ sustainability culture in the Group, and also ensures financial stakeholders’ evolving needs are met, including through the Group’s reporting activities.

    Roger is a board member of the Ocean Exchange, a forum for acceleration sustainable innovation, a steering committee member of the Ship Recycling Transparency initiative and a Member of the SASB Standards Advisory Board for marine transportation.

    Before starting his current role in 2017, Roger was VP of one the commercial divisions of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, having been VP, Environment for three years before that. He holds a mechanical and manufacturing engineering degree from the University of Dublin, Trinity College.
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    Aude Leblanc
    Technology leader - Sustainable shipping, Bureau Veritas Group
    Aude Leblanc is at the position of Technology Leader for Sustainable shipping in Bureau Veritas M&O, her role is to provide technology leadership in the development of sustainable shipping Rules and Services. She began her career at Bureau Veritas in 2009 as an engineer in ship propulsion where she was in charge of several studies for ship energy efficiency. Then she became responsible for the development of rules on renewable energy and wind. She is involved in various marine renewable committees. She managed in particular the development of new BV Rules for wind propulsion systems (NR206). She holds a Master Engineer Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
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    Jarkko Väinämö
    COO, Norsepower
    Jarkko Väinämö has worked for Norsepower since 2013. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for the operations, technology, R&D and product management. He is an experienced product developer and has worked with renewables and clean-tech since 2001. He has previously worked as Director of Engineering at Winwind, the first Finnish multi-megawatt wind turbine manufacturer.
    Before that, Jarkko has held various R&D- and R&D management positions within the energy sector, mainly within the wind power market.
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    Vincent Bernatets
    CEO & co-founder, Airseas
    Aeronautical engineer specialized in advanced automation at ISAE Sup'Aéro and Stanford University, Vincent started his career in Norway, Sweden and Latin America for 5 years. He then created 2 companies and later joined Airbus where he lead the development of the first onboard information system on the A380 as well as various business development missions. Former pilot of small aircraft converted in skipping sailboats, he started Airseas in 2016 to combine his passions and his willingness to protect the environment, by gathering a great team of off-road experts to develop and launch a revolutionary traction kite for ships: Seawing!
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    Daisuke Arai
    Managing Executive Officer, K-Line
    Responsible for Containerships Business Unit, Information System,AI/Digitalization Strategy Unit, CIO(Chief Information officer), Supervising Ship Technical, GHG Reduction Strategy, Environmental Affairs, In charge of Advanced Technology.

    “K”Line operates many types of vessels, a fleet of over 400. By 2050, “K”Line aims to cut GHG emissions by 50% and CO2 emissions by 70% over 2008 levels. Wind assist propulsion has the best potential fuel savings among promising energy saving devices. And the kite system has the best installation flexibility for the vessel types.