As you know, marketing for prospective clients today is entirely different than it was three months ago. Over the past several weeks, we have worked on adding a digital marketing strategy to the Medicare101 marketing platform, and are excited to share our new webinar offering.

During this webinar we will explain:
- Differences between live Medicare workshops and webinars.
- Hosting Medicare101 workshops via the Big Marker webinar platform.
- Medicare101 Facebook Ads.
- Medicare101 Webinar Playbook.
- Results and learnings from the Medicare101 webinar beta test campaigns.
- Converting from Medicare to financial clients.
- What's next.
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    Haitham Aboul-Hosn
    Chief Operating Officer, Medicare101
    Haitham is the Chief Operating Officer of the groundbreaking Medicare101 system. His system quickly builds a client book with a low acquisition cost and generates leads on a consistent basis. Haitham’s expertise and guidance of Medicare101 has brought success—and extra comp—to hundreds of advisors who utilize the program.
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    Thomas Schultz
    Chief Marketing Officer, Medicare101
    Thomas is the Chief Marketing Officer of the innovative Medicare101 system. By implementing it into his own practice, Thomas has earned new financial clients and increased his AUM as well as his comp. As someone who lives and breathes the program, Thomas will share his success story as well as insights into why the system works.
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    Ali Moghaddam
    Chief Distribution Officer, Medicare101
    Ali Moghaddam became the President of GA Medicare101 Corp in 2015. GA Medicare 101 Corp is a nonprofit organization who is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia but has offices throughout Georgia. Both Ali and GA Medicare 101 Corp have helped thousands and thousands of Georgians become “Medicare Gurus.”
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    Joel Barjenbruch
    Comprehensive Financial Planner
    Joel Barjenbruch is a comprehensive financial planner, owning and operating JS Financial, Inc. with offices in Lincoln & Omaha and a beta tester of the Medicare101 webinar system. Joel and his firm specialize in full-scale retirement planning & risk management from a fiduciary perspective, serving the needs of individuals, business owners, and their families.
  • 1589322199-3ae642db92ac5804
    Dennis Mattern
    VP - Training & Development, CreativeOne
  • 1589323472-0db83d0a986ffe83
    Perry Boles
    Director of Digital Marketing, CreativeOne
  • 1589318523-eb2e3710f78670c6
    Jessica Scheuler
    Marketing Programs Manager, CreativeOne