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Discover from George Kastanis some of the biggest mistakes that can derail retirement plans in a time of a crisis like we are experiencing today...

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  • How the current administration may impact retirement income
  • Ways to help reduce taxation on Social Security
  • Actions to take now that may turn crisis into opportunity
  • What was a right choice yesterday, might not be right today
  • How two special claiming strategies could increase benefits
  • How married couples may avoid missing out on substantial benefits
  • How to receive benefits from an ex-spouse in certain situations
  • AND Strategies to prevent taxes from taking 30% of savings
Scott McLean
George Kastanis
George Kastanis, CFP® joined McLean Advisory Group in 2011. He has been in the financial services industry since 2009. George found his passion for finance during college and was encouraged by his professors to pursue financial advisement. After starting off with a bigger insurance firm, he quickly realized that being an independent advisor allowed him to better assist his clients.

George strives to use a straightforward approach that is easy to understand and implement. George is committed to both personal and professional development and has earned his CFP® and his BFA.

George Kastanis grew up in the Ocean County Area and is a first generation American. His family, originally from Greece, came to America when he was very young and opened a diner on Long Beach Island. In his spare time, George enjoys travelling, jet skiing, snowboarding and reading.
This webinar will show you…
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    TIP 1
    Social Security is inflation-protected income. You’ve paid the premium in every paycheck, so be smart about how and when to collect.
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    TIP 2
    Your monthly benefit will be reduced if you claim “early.” It may also be reduced for taxes and Medicare premiums.
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    TIP 3
    Social Security benefits can be taxed up 85% on the tax return if not planned properly.