Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times

Thursday 30th July 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm AEST

Over the last few years wellbeing has risen to the top of the agenda. It is one of the key challenges and opportunities that our society faces. In any given week, we spend more than a third of our waking hours at work, so it is the place we most need to get wellbeing right. Our research shows that wellbeing is a key priority for workers, with 83% saying it is up to the employer to facilitate wellbeing in the workplace. This is even more relevant considering COVID-19, as more people continue to work from home and leaders address the challenges of prioritising the wellbeing of their teams in disperse locations.

In the new book Work Wellbeing, social researchers Mark McCrindle and Ashley Fell provide a practical, data-driven guide to work wellbeing, equipping leaders, managers and employees with a thorough understanding of what work wellbeing is, why it’s important and how to achieve it. An essential guide for organisations of any size, Work Wellbeing provides the tools needed to boost employee morale, team culture, and ultimately your bottom line.

Join us for this free virtual book launch where Mark and Ashley will share some of the key findings from the book.

Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times
Mark McCrindle - Demographer & Founder

In times of uncertainty, leaders who communicate with confidence are the ones people follow. In a world of flat structures and consultative practices, coaching and mentoring has replaced commanding and controlling. In this session, Mark McCrindle will unpack from the book how to effectively motivate and lead teams in these changing times. He will provide an overview of the best HR practices for today: from attraction and engagement strategies to management practices that connect in a changing context.

The future of work and why wellbeing matters
Ashley Fell - Director of Communications

With the impacts of COVID-19 extending deep into the workplace, this session will equip leaders and organisations with an understanding of what the future of work will look like. From remote working, changing travel arrangements, meetings and events, to training and motivating staff virtually, this book details the transformation of work. In this session Ashley Fell will help leaders and organisations understand and navigate the future of work, intergenerational teams and why prioritising employee wellbeing is a non-negotiable for the future.

To order the Work Wellbeing book, Click here.
  • Leading thriving teams in changing times
  • The future of work and why wellbeing matters
  • Q & A
Mark McCrindle
Demographer & Founder at McCrindle
Ashley Fell
Director of Advisory at McCrindle
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