The impacts of COVID-19 are being felt in everyday life – from how we shop to how we work, engage in community, learn, educate, contribute and lead – marking a significant societal shift, the impacts of which will be felt even after the virus is kept under control.

During these times of great uncertainty and change, people are looking for confidence, a sense of direction, and a sense of where things are at from leaders.

Join us for this short webinar where you’ll hear new research about how Australians are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, how to lead teams in these changing times and what all this means for the future of work and learning.
  • Leadership in anxious times; building resilient organisations
  • Research insights: How the global pandemic is shaping the behaviour and outlook of Australians
  • The future of work and learning
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    Mark McCrindle
    Principal, McCrindle
    In times of uncertainty, leaders who communicate with confidence amidst fear and uncertainty are the ones people follow. In this session Mark will cover the importance of communication, building resilient organisations, responding to disruption and how to be leaders who lead with clarity and resolve in these times of great change.
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    Shannon Wherrett
    Team Leader - Research, McCrindle
    To understand how Australians are responding to the impact of COVID-19, McCrindle and Cint have conducted a survey of Australian sentiment, attitudes and behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this session Shannon Wherrett will share the key findings from this research and the implications for how to respond.
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    Ashley Fell
    Director of Advisory at McCrindle
    With the impacts of COVID-19 extending deep into the workplace, leaders and organisations need an understanding of what the future of work will look like – from remote working to changing travel arrangements, meetings and events, and training and motivating staff virtually. In this session Ashley Fell will help leaders and organisations understand and navigate the future of work and learning.