Join us on November 5th, 2020 for the 25th annual Friends of MANNA reception. For the first time ever, this year’s reception will be held virtually, streaming worldwide at 6 PM Eastern Standard time.

The decision to broadcast this signature event was not one made easily. For twenty five years, MANNA Inc. has delivered an engaging, connected, multi-faceted celebration that brings together passionate change makers from all corners of our nation’s capital. This year, we’ve elected to move this event to a virtual platform, a step we feel is necessary in doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Even in the darkest moments, guiding light shines. In the 25th year, we forge a new path with Friends of MANNA. While we may not be able to gather to in person to celebrate MANNA’s progress in the last year, we know that this new media will gather stakeholders and engaged change makers from within and beyond the Beltway. With this change, we can reach further and strengthen our mission of Homes for All. We invite you to join us on November 5th to celebrate our progress, thank our sponsors and benefactors, and move forward with joined strength in the months to come.

We'd like to express special thank you to our sponsors, who make this event and our year-around work possible!

Mike & Susie Barnello
George Mason Mortgage
The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness
Linda Darr
Christopher Brigham
Washington Property Company
Bill Fritz & Kathleen French
Kenneth Fuller
Gimbert Realty Co.
Community IT
AHC, Inc.
Holland & Knight
John & Stacey Fisk
CIH Properties
Cohn Reznick
Crowley Construction
Mary Jane Checchí
Kent and Dale Morrison
Courtney Ward
Mouton Insurance Brokerage
Mary Kantz
Lynn C. French
Douglas Dodge
Erin Wrin
JoAnn Bowman
Judy Hubbard
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks, Joshua Galvez
  • Founder's Remarks, Rev. Jim Dickerson
  • Introductions of Our Homeowners, Thomas Caviness
  • Homeowner Testimonials
  • Presentation of the John Darr Award, Rev. Jim Dickerson
  • Looking to the Future, Rev. Jim Dickerson and Kenneth Fuller
  • Annual Manna Auction, Bill Winston
  • Concluding Remarks, Rev. Jim Dickerson
  • 1598973253-3a0e5d520db6226a
    Rev. Jim Dickerson
    Founder and CEO of MANNA, Inc.
  • 1598973380-b127aa6ec04737a0
    Bill Winston
    Event Co-Host, Chief Administrative Officer at MANNA, Inc.
  • 1598973228-2430d977341bb42e
    Joshua Galvez
    Event Co-Host, Director of Development at MANNA, Inc.
  • 1604342103-604b7041a6570b60
    Homes for All
  • 1604342186-d61958781bef893d
    Building Equity Through Homeownership
  • 1604342276-6ceaced808c55f14
    Manna, Inc.
    Event Host