Warning: This is not a regular Rep Cap "webinar."

I will bring no fancy PPT or prepared talking points. Instead, I'll be walking you *real time* through how we use AI tools at Rep Cap in a way that requires us to abandon neither our ethics or good editorial judgment.

Specifically, I'll show you how we use Writer and Lately at Rep Cap to enhance the production process of the most common content assets: social copy, SEO blog content, emails and more.

P.S. The image was generated by Canva's new text to image feature with the prompt "woman writing a story." Make of that interpretation what you will!
  • Writing adapted social media posts based on your best long-form content. (Lately)
  • Extracting summaries from long form "messy" thought leadership content to use in emails and podcast show notes. (Writer)
  • Write outlines, first drafts and meta content for new SEO blog posts. (Writer)
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    Rep Cap CEO, Publisher of Managing Editor
    Before launching a content marketing firm, she served as director of content development at SmartBrief and as a columnist and editor at The Washington Post. She has an M.J. in journalism from the University of Maryland and a B.S. in agronomy from Louisiana State University. She can never resist asking people about their first job at dinner parties.