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    GenAI is revolutionizing the way we create, distribute, and analyze content faster than you can say "algorithm update.”

    And we’re not talking about churning out aggressively mediocre copy with ChatGPT. Building an AI-powered content engine means rethinking every aspect of your content marketing function, from strategy to management to production to distribution.

    Join Rep Cap Content Strategist Mary Ellen Slayter as she shares a practical, holistic framework for building (or rebuilding) your content engine to make the most of this exciting but often misunderstood emerging tech.
  • Agenda
    • Revisit Your Content Mix: The old playbooks aren’t working anymore, and GenAI is (partly) to blame. Learn how to tailor your content for maximum engagement in this new environment, leveraging AI to pinpoint what resonates most with your target audience.
    • Reimagine Your Processes: Discover where AI can drive the most value in your production process. From idea generation to content distribution, identify key points in your workflow that can benefit from AI tools, enhancing your efficiency and output quality. See how AI can automate routine tasks, allowing your team to focus on creating high-impact content.
    • Revise Your Roles: It’s time to reskill and upskill your team so they can be AI co-pilots, not passengers. The roles and responsibilities within your content team need to reflect the opportunities AI creates. Get practical advice on how to redesign your org chart to better reflect evolving roles and responsibilities and guidance on how to update your budget to align with market rates for content strategy, management and production work.
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    1 hour
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