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    AI has brought large-scale change in how consumers search for and consume information. And perhaps there’s been no bigger winner in this multimedia race than YouTube, which was already the world’s second-largest search engine.

    But the traditional YouTube playlist isn’t the only game in town when it comes to B2B video anymore. Short-form video is the fastest-growing content format, with Reels, Shorts and Tiktok increasingly becoming many people of all ages’ preferred way to entertain and educate themselves on all kinds of topics.

    Yet, many B2B marketers shy away from producing content for these massively popular channels. Or they produce the wrong kinds of content — really boring content — then wonder why no one engages with their channel.

    Before you give up, tune in to hear Rep Cap Content Strategist Mary Ellen Slayter discuss how your B2B brand can use video to stand out and build an emotional connection with your buyer.
  • Agenda
    • Strategy: Explore the strengths and weaknesses of different formats and channels for B2B video content, and learn how to integrate them into the rest of your content calendar for maximum impact.
    • Production: Check out some of our favorite AI-powered research and editing tools that make it easier than ever to produce engaging videos quickly and at scale.
    • Promotion: Make sure the right people see your videos at the right time, using a mix of organic and paid tactics.
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    1 hour
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