About This Webinar
Video can help us connect with customers in an authentic and personal way.

But it can also feel expensive, time consuming and difficult to learn if you're not a bonafide “filmmaker.” Today’s marketers have to do more with less. But with accessible new technologies and approaches, you can take video marketing into your own hands — no Steven Spielberg or Hollywood budgets required.

In this webinar, video pro and entrepreneur Elena Valentine will share how to tell better stories using video and offer actionable tips to help you capture quality video on a range of budgets.
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  • Identify content that resonates with your audience.
  • Learn the key aspects of building a powerful story.
  • Make a plan to create better video on a modest budget.
Ginny Engholm
Content Marketing Consultant
Ginny Engholm is a content marketing consultant specializing in HR, health care, and diversity and inclusion, and she loves stories. She’s a proud book nerd, a committed film freak and a rabid TV junkie. After getting her Ph.D. and teaching for fifteen years, she found herself still searching for more stories so she made a career change to content marketing. As a consultant at Rep Cap, she gets to help tell the stories of innovators and leaders in business, HR and technology.
Elena Valentine
CEO, Skill Scout
Elena is a documentary filmmaker who started a video company, Skill Scout, to help job seekers and companies tell their stories and connect through video.