Live at IMTS 2022 in the Makino Conference Center.

Let's Talk about Your First 5 axis Milling Machine.

Ever wonder what the advantages of 5 axis is compared to 3 or 4 axis? Want to find out what you should be aware of in preparing for your first 5 axis machine? In this Live Tech Talk our Subject Matter Expert will talk about preparing for 5x CAM, post processor configuration, work holding, tools and tool holders. We'll discuss why a technology partner is critical in the purchase decision and what technologies can help protect your investment.

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    Mike Fecteau
    Senior Applications Engineer
    Mike is a Senior Applications Engineer with Makino and has been with the company for over 9 years.

    His passion for the machining trade began in high school and he has been working in a variety of production and mold shops for the last 20+ years.

    Mike earned his BS in Manufacturing Engineering and his Associate’s Degree in Manufacturing Tooling & Technology from Ferris State University.

    Upon receiving his degrees, he became the Engineering Manager for a production machine shop in West Michigan. In his seven years, he and his team launched hundreds of new products.

    Mike then had the opportunity to move to Makino as an Applications Engineer and has enjoyed teaching High Performance Machining classes to hundreds of students and customers. His knowledge exceeds expectations in new tooling technologies, processes and 5-axis strategies.