Breakfast Tech Talk

Live at IMTS 2022 in the Makino Conference Center.

Let's Talk about Machining Centers: Purpose Built for Die Cast. This in person Tech Talk explores how non-ferrous die cast manufacturers are expected to provide their customers not only the die cast parts but value-added services, like finish part machining. Our Subject Matter Expert will talk about compromises that limit productivity, the importance of cycle time in die cast parts production and other challenges in modern manufacturing, while introducing current and developing machine tool technologies designed to address these challenges.
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    David Ward
    Product Marketing Manager
    David Ward has a passion for manufacturing and the metal cutting industry. In his 30+ years with Makino, he's been involved with multiple aspects of the machine tool industry. David began working at Makino as an Application Engineer, developing innovative and robust turnkey machining solutions for numerous automotive and aerospace customers. Leveraging this machine and applications experience, he supported production machinery sales as a Regional Sales Manager covering mid-west and mid-Atlantic sales territories. Since 2010, he has been part of Makino's Product Management group, providing engineering, sales and marketing support for Makino's industry leading machining center products.