Live at IMTS 2022 in the Makino Conference Center.

Let’s Talk about Automation Solutions. Let’s talk about workholding considerations. This in person Tech Talk for modern day manufacturing explores the road to a successful implementation of machining automation. The Subject Matter Experts will start with how to scope your machining automation project, moving through process requirements, essential elements of automation, as well as the successful integration of the work holding with the automation. This is a Tech Talk not to be missed.
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    Bob Kuzner
    Team Leader Workholding
    Bob Kuzner is the Team Leader of Workholding at Makino Inc., Mason, Ohio. He has been with Makino for 29 years, working exclusively in the design and development of workholding fixture solutions for Makino customers. His experience includes both manual and automatic hydraulic workholding fixtures, with a deep focus on automatic hydraulic fixtures integrated with Makino’s Fixture Hydraulic Unit on Makino machines. Bob’s total experience in Machine Tool design, spans over 42 years.
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    David Walton
    Director of Engineering Operations
    Dave Walton is the Director of Engineering Operations at Makino Inc., Mason, Ohio. He has been with Makino for 25 years, working in the areas of factory automation and integrating automation with the Makino machine platforms, and later managing the engineering group responsible for executing the Makino automation programs. Dave’s total experience in factory automation spans over 40 years.