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    Innovations in Skin Tears 18:00 - 18:30 GMT

    Maintaining skin health and preventing skin barrier damage are integral parts of daily nursing practice across the continuum of healthcare settings. The maintenance of skin integrity is an important quality indicator that contributes to positive patient outcomes and is accepted as more cost-effective compared to wound treatment. Healthy skin is strong, resilient and has an extensive capacity for repair. However, due to ageing and altered physiology, skin integrity may become compromised in certain populations. Individuals with an enhanced skin vulnerability are at increased risk of a range of skin lesions, with skin tears being one of the most prevalent conditions. Despite their considerable impact, skin tears are often under-recognised and poorly reported in clinical practice, leading to suboptimal prevention and delayed or inappropriate management. This presentation will provide an update about skin tear development, prevention, and treatment.

    Skin tears: Applying the theory to practice 18:30 - 19:00 GMT

    This session will discuss the importance of accurate assessment and management when caring for individuals with skin tears. An exploration of potential barriers that may impede the application of theory into practice will be highlighted and strategies to help clinicians overcome these barriers will be discussed. Consideration of solutions will be offered that may help clinicians implement evidence based medicine into care settings. The concept of prevention, treatment and recovery will be presented as an aid in managing skin integrity.

    To apply for CPD after watching on-demand, please email nurseledconferences@markallengroup.com
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