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The Vet Wound Library Wednesday Wound Club runs on the 1st Wednesday of the month starting on the 3rd of August 2022. The session will be interactive allowing delegates to participate and influence discussion. Sessions will run for 45 minutes with time for Q&A.

The agenda will follow the same format each month aiming to inform and inspire Vets, techs and nurses facing wounds at any level in Veterinary practice.

1. Case Study - The case will be presented over 15 minutes and will illustrate a first opinion or specialist with learning points that apply to all levels of care.
2. Therapy Summary - A generic product type, modality or technique discussed from an evidence based approach.
3. Question of the month - A question from the VWL membership covered in depth with specialist input.
Who can attend
Dial-in available? (listen only)
Not available.
  • Case Study - 'Dave the Pug'
  • Therapy summary - wound hydrogels
  • Question of the month - can I use a dressing over a drain?

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